Stress Recovery & Mastery Online Course - $1 - 14 Day Trial

This course teaches you how to simply recover from and master stress by learning how to clear the stress chemicals from your body and mind using revolutionary tools endorsed by Neuroscientist, Allison Foster PhD.

A Very Warm Welcome

Thank you for participating in this course.  I am sure you will reap the benefits of becoming less and less stressed when you use the revolutionary tools shared in this course and integrate them into your life. 

You can use them any time you feel stressed, apply them to any area of your life (although you will identify your specific focus for this course in Module 1) and also to help you clear past stressful experiences that are perhaps affecting your life now.

A recommendation whilst going through this course

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at any time or stuck, you can ask questions on the Stress Mastery with Valee Facebook page or I am always available for support via zoom.

By Finishing This Course

You will have two quick tools to use whenever you feel stressed

Overall, your reaction to perceived stressful situations should diminish radically. 

If your stress response doesn’t come down quickly, usually in 1-4 minutes, and you don’t see changes then there is likely a past experience that needs to be cleared*. 

You will also have a tool to quickly clear resistance to doing things

This shows itself as procrastination, avoidance of following the program, making excuses, not believing that the tools work, confusion, getting sidetracked, forgetting to do the course and any other behaviours that prevent you from doing things in any area of your life.

A tool that you can use to quickly clear all the other emotions

As with number 1 above, it is best to clear other emotions as and when they come up.  This practice will help your emotions become more stable and feel less triggered by your environment.  Over time you will become more and more peaceful.

Lastly, a tool that can help you reprogram your mind to positively create what you want for your life


So that you can continue to empower yourself with this course, contact Valee if your stress level or an uncomfortable emotion does not quickly come down.

If whilst using this program your stress is extreme and you experience panic or rage or a high level of uncomfortable emotion, please do not use these tools.  Instead, please contact Valee for help so that she can support you. (Please note: that typically the results from a session are far quicker than conventional therapies).


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